The project started on April 1st 2021 and PR. A consortium of 10 leading Research and Industrial partners from Germany and the Netherlands will develop and combine essential AM technologies required for the robust and scalable manufacturing of smart 4D mechatronic products.

The project will accommodate the manufacturing of both small series, mass customised products whilst scaling through to high production volumes (>10.000 parts). The developed technologies will utilise Smart Processes to produce novel products containing a combination of integrated mechanical, electrical and optical functionalities.

Three innovative product cases will demonstrate the hybrid manufacturing approach and move beyond the State-of-the-Art: LED luminaires, Signal/Power Electronics and Medical Devices.

Personnel:Nelson Sanchez Martinez, Olaf van der Sluis, Joris Remmers (PI)
Project partners:Philips, Signify, VSL, Holst Center, Reden, Neotech AMT GmbH, W├╝rth Elektronik eiSos, Xenon, Fraunhofer IFAM, Eindhoven University of Technology